Teddi Renee Estes

About Us

Teddi Estes Boe is the third generation of horsewomen in her family. She believes that the matching of horse and rider is fundamental to the success of her client's potential. Teddi is uniquely suited to assure her customers have a great experience. Teddi won the Silver Medal in Pleasure Equitation in 2002, and was a Top 10 UPHA Pleasure Equitation Rider. She not only focuses on the horse's performance but also on the rider's skills in horsemanship. We are focused on the amatuer and junior exhibitor rider. Teddi has successfully taught children as young as three years to adults as old as seventy how to ride and show. Golden Ridge is all about fun, learning and the thrill of competing on horseback. Teddi strives to make the horse and rider team the best they can be, while building a better rider.